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Competitiveness in European Law


This report by Evangelia Psychogiopoulou, Apostolos Samaras, Laia Comerma, Antonios Vlassis and Dealan Riga examines the development and evolution of the European Union’s action in the film and broader audiovisual sector. It assesses the ways in which the EU has approached, defined and sought to promote the ‘competitiveness’ of its audiovisual sector and the European film industry (EFI), taking into account the evolving technological context and other significant changes that have taken place. As the EFI and the audiovisual industry are situated at the intersection of the economy and culture, the report combines its study of the concepts of ‘competitiveness’ and ‘cultural diversity’. It follows the development and evolution of EU policy in the field of interest, analysing the ways in which the EU institutions have understood and addressed the two concepts in advancing and applying their policy and legislative initiatives.

Full text version (PDF)

Authors: Evangelia Psychogiopoulou, Senior Research Fellow; Apostolos Samaras, Research Fellow; Laia Comerma, Research Fellow, ELIAMEP; Antonios Vlassis, Research Professor; Dealan Riga, Research Fellow, Teaching Assistant, Liege University.

This article is available on the ELIAMEP website.

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