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Europe 2040: Tomorrow is Today – Co-Building a Global, Sustainable, and Responsible Power. 17 fundamental issues Europeans need to tackle to remain relevant


In times of continuous polycrises, leaders focus on emergencies, and this can come at the expense of planning for the medium and long term. It is precisely in such moments, however, that engaging with civil society, the world of business, academia and opinion leaders can bring added value to think about future challenges, break down silos, and construct a shared vision of what needs to be put in place. Crucial European Council meetings lie ahead and the European elections will take place in June 2024. So the time to look ahead is now – because « tomorrow is today »!This type of foresight and planning is what motivated a group of opinion-leaders to create the Conclave, a trans-disciplinary and forward-looking annual agora dedicated to the future of Europe. The aim of the Conclave is to develop a shared understanding of the European political context and its underlying dynamics, also to identify the fundamental issues that political leaders need to tackle for the European union and its Member States to remain relevant.

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Author: Loukas Tsoukalis, President of ELIAMEP, Member of the Board of Directors of the Conclave. He was responsible for the geopolitical section of the report.

This report is available on the ELIAMEP website.

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