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The new migration and asylum pact: Smoke and mirrors?

By Centre for European

The EU’s new asylum rules are unlikely to make the current system more humane and effective, or less controversial. The EU should rethink its approach to co-operation with third countries. In April this year the European Parliament agreed to a reform of the Union’s rulebook on migration and asylum, approving the different legislative files that make up the so-called New Migration and Asylum Pact. The Pact was finally approved by member-states around a month later, in mid-May. It is the result of almost a decade of failed efforts to reform the Union’s migration system after the 2015-16 migration crisis, which saw over 1.6 million irregular arrivals into the EU, many from Syria.

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Author: Luigi Scazzieri, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform.

This article is available on the Centre for European Reform website.

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